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"We believe in inspiring woman to dream and create, pouring their inner beauty into items that speak of style, passion, quality and the extraordinaire."

Applications open for all exhibitors on 15 February
and close on 5 April.

The first selections entail good quality photos of your products sent to us via email.

On approval applicants will be invited to a personal meeting with the CY team for the second selection process. Each exhibitor will be expected to display their range in person.

The personal meetings will range from 1 - 5 May @ Stone Shed, Vrymansfontein Durbanville.

Successful applicants will be notified on 31 May 2017.

Click here to apply.


My life will be the best illustration of all my work
- Hans Christian Andersen

It is said by the French that a brush merely tints, while the imagination alone produces colour.

We would love to stimulate all your senses, so that your imagination can run wild and result in a creative explosion.

Be inspired by watercolour drippings, brush strokes of yellow, burnt orange, blues, greens and a touch of dusty pink. Roots, leaves, flower petals and flowers in full bloom take centre stage in 2017, while tongue in cheek geese and crowns also make an appearance. Graphic line drawings and pen marks on aged paper, outlines the softer water colours.

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